Rules for Engraving Names


RULES for engraving names               

January 2018, Rev. 1- May 21, 2019, Rev. 2- October 22, 2019

Guidelines for Veteran’s names engraved on memorial panels

  1. The memorial includes all U.S. Veterans who took the oath of enlistment (Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Enlisted) and served honorably.
  2. Must be presently serving or have been honorably discharged from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve components of all services.
  3. Merchant Marines in WWII who served on vessels commissioned by the Department of War/DOD have been granted veterans’ status by the Department of Veterans Affairs In accordance with the Merchant Marine Act of 1936,.
  4. All U.S. Veterans are included regardless of location served, combat experience, wounded or Killed in Action
  5. All U.S. Veterans will be listed on the panel that designates the period or war in which they served. Veterans with service in multiple wars will be listen only once, in the period they initially served.
  6. Rank or branch of service will not be engraved.
  7. Some names included are based on public records of the Veteran’s service, permission may not have been solicited to include a Veteran’s name on the Memorial.

Residency criteria for inclusion. 

  1. All U.S. Veterans who served before, during or after their residence in Heidelberg, Lynn, Lowhill or Weisenberg Township
  2. If buried in a cemetery located in one of the townships, but not a resident while living.

Engraving errors and omissions

  1. The Memorial Committee or Townships are not responsible for correcting misspelled names already engraved on the panels.
  2. Names added after memorial completion will be added at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. Names added after the memorial dedication may not be added in alphabetical order, they will be engraved at the end of the period or war in which they served.

Engraved Information

  1. Name only will be engraved on the memorial, rank, service, twp of residence will not be engraved.
  2. KIA will be noted with a symbol, if known.


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