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Northwestern Lehigh Veterans Memorial

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Dedicated on Memorial Day 2022 to the 2484 Veterans who lived in Heidelberg, Lowhill, Lynn and Weisenberg Townships and served in the military since the birth of our nation to the present time.  Designed by veterans for our veterans.

The “Eagle” at the entrance is our symbolic Sentinel perched to watch over those who served and to welcome all patriots like you visiting this memorial.  As you walk among the eleven 3000-pound monoliths, placed as spokes radiating from the American Flag in the center, please note the years and wars engraved above the respective names, which describe the time in history when these veterans served (view the engraved names »).  Our nation’s history begins on your left and moves clockwise to the last face on your right, left blank for future veterans who have yet to answer their call to serve.  The eleven monuments represent the WW-I Armistice signed on the 11th month, the 11th day at the 11th hour, now recognized as Veterans Day.

Thoughtful patriotic and historic quotations add appropriate tribute to the sacrifice and service of these veterans to preserve our freedoms we enjoy today.  There is no front or rear side to the monuments, names are listed in alphabetical order without rank or branch of service, signifying the unselfish fellowship that bonds those who served to defend our nation’s liberties.

The pentagon in the center is engraved with the five historic branches of military service and symbolizes the headquarters of our Department of Defense.  It supports the flag under which our veterans served.  The white star in the center has forever been part of America’s heraldry symbolizing the individual states on US flags in our nation’s history.  It symbolizes the highest rank in our military services.  Stars are an integral part of American iconic insignias and valor in battle, the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star.  The star is 21-feet in diameter signifying the highest military honor; the twenty-one-gun salute, our national salute to those who served.

Please also visit the memorial website to follow the design and construction of the memorial and detailed information about our veterans’ service experiences, rank and branch of service.  There is also information about how to make a donation to help maintain this site and how to have names of area veterans engraved in the future.

Enjoy your visit, reflect on the contributions our local veterans made in our nation’s history and the sacrifice it took to create it and preserve it, forever remembering that freedom is not free.

God Bless America