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Veterans Memorial Committee Meeting

August 12, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2021

Present: Justine Bachman, Steve Bachman, Richard Bleiler, Donald Christ, Willard Dellicker, Harold Haas, Eugene Handwerk, Harold Handwerk, Ron Jerdon, David Keller, William Mantz, Terry Rehrig, Nancy Zellner

Donald Christ called the meeting to order, 6:35PM at Ontelaunee Park and presided over discussions of the following topics:

1. MINUTES: The June 2, 2021 Minutes were accepted as written. M – D Keller, 2nd –
H Handwerk, approved by all.

2. TREASURER’S REPORT:   The bank statement of August 10, 2021 for the Memorial account at New Tripoli National Bank shows a current balance is $186,672.38.  Motion to accept the report by J. Bachman, 2nd by H Haas, approved by all.

3.  WEBSITE:  https://nwlehighvetsmemorial.org.
The website has been updated to remove old information and add the recent Memorial Update that was put in the NWPress on June 29, 2021.  New pictures of construction progress have been added and the budget was changed to reflect the revised goal of $400,000.

Nancy Zellner has completed cataloging and verifying information about veteran’s names, dates of service, duplicates and residence that have been submitted or collected for the memorial.  To date there are 2456 names for engraving.  The “final” list of names for engraving will be posted on the website in the next week.  The 2456 names will be listed in alphabetical order so that viewers can scroll through and ensure that their names are included.

There are approximately 15 names submitted by unknown sources that cannot be verified or identified as to when they served.  It was proposed that these names be posted on the website with a request that viewers give us information so they can be added at a later date if they qualify.

The layout for engraving each of the 22 memorial panels has been completed and submitted to Earl Wenz, Inc.  The complete list of names, grouped in the War/periods, was also sent along with detailed engraving instructions regarding letter size, alphabetical order of the columns, quotations, panel numbers, MIA and KIA symbols.

Bill Dellicker will contact Phil Wenz to verify that the engraving information that was submitted is what is needed to begin the layout drafting of the granite panels.  There was some discussion about an end date for accepting names.  This will be determined after discussions with Wenz about our position in the schedule for quarry production.

Ron Jerdon reported that Andrew Talago will install risers for the drain grates and tie-in the underdrain during the week of August 16, if he receives the materials he needs.  After the drain work is complete and the electric conduit and pull box are installed, Andrew will backfill and grade the site.  The sequence of remaining work, after grading will be:

  • Install the granite memorial panels
  • Install pavers and stone veneer
  • Landscaping
  • Install fence, which is in storage, already purchased to avoid price increases
  • Install Flagpole, which has been ordered to avoid a 30% price increase and will be stored in the park maintenance building
  • Install electric lights and security camera

The type of security camera and location, which will be part of a larger camara installation for the entire park, needs to be determined by Lynn Twp. so the electrician can pull whatever conductors are required for the cameras.  Ron will determine if a Construction Committee meeting is necessary after talking to Bill Wenz, Andrew and the electrician.

Don Christ reassured the committee that Lynn Township is committed to fund the costs for the memorial with a good-faith-agreement that the committee will continue fundraising efforts until the fundraising goals are met.

The idea of creating a “Go Fund Me” account was discussed as a fundraising tool.  After some discussion it was abandoned by the committee.

Discussion continued about the potential for fundraising and getting the word out using facebook.  After some discussion there was a consensus that there may be potential in using facebook to bolster our fundraising and publicizing memorial information.  Justine Bachman volunteered to set up a facebook account for the memorial committee and link it to our website.  There is no cost for this initiative.  As of August 15, Justine has completed the creation of a facebook page and has linked it to our website.  WAY TO GO Justine!

Terry Rehrig will work with Bill Dellicker to compose a letter and send it to Veteran organizations such as VFW and Legion to describe our memorial and ask for financial support.

It was suggested that we approach all four Townships to request that each of them sponsor the cost of one of the four benches inside the memorial.  The benches would be engraved in a discrete way to show Township sponsorship.  Don Christ will approach the Township leadership with this initiative.

To date, Don Christ has taken orders from donors for five trees.

Some of the $2,500 donors have requested that their organization’s insignias be engraved with their name on the recognition plaque or granite panel outside of the memorial.  The consensus of the committee is that recognition should be etched in granite, rather than cast on a bronze plaque.  Bill Dellicker will ask Phil Wenz if this can be done.

Don Christ circulated a sign-up sheet to staff the booth at “Night in the Country” Bill D. will create a handout for that event to explain how to make a donation and visit our website and facebook page.

Dave Keller is organizing adds for the Dedication Souvenir Booklet.  Dave suggested that we hold an event on Veterans Day.  A “Drive-By-Fund-Raiser” in the park.  Ron Jerdon suggested we try to get some military vehicles and equipment to draw interest and attendance.  This will need further discussion and volunteers to help organize this event.

Justine Bachman suggested that each committee member write a short bio about their military service so it could be included in the Souvenir Booklet.  The committee agreed it would be a nice addition and request that the bios be submitted by September 15.

8. ADJOURN:  Motion by E. Handwerk, 2nd H Haas, adjourned at 7:45PM.


August 12, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Ontelaunee Park